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I forgot how fast time seems to fly when you're trying to keep a steady journal going...
Quite a bit has happened in the past week. I'll start by talking about my practical class. I started off on monday by totally screwing up my flans in class. I got the right pans to make them and mastered the recipe, but somehow they became totally lopsided in the pan and therefore almost impossible to work with. So I wasn't looking forward to working in the restaurant on tuesday because I thought I was going to be screwed. So anyway, everything went well, I just lost about half my yield since I was only able to cut the thicker parts in half. It turned out really nice though, and I got about 15 orders in total or something. I was working for 6 hours straight, no break. Also, Grandma and Grampa McWhinnie came that day to the restaurant, so I went out to visit them, they managed to order the other dessert...since grandma got mixed up, but it was still nice to see them there.
Wednesday I worked. There wasn't really much in terms of change, but I was still in training in the deli. Then I went to my Demo2 exam at 3:30 and we had to make sole douglere. I actually think that I made my best plate all year...so I was quite thrilled about that. After the exam, I went to accupuncture and then just went home.
Thursday was an interesting day...Work in the morning...which actually went very well. I had a liverwurst sandwhich which was AMAZING on break, and also Bourgianna tested me on all the cheeses in the deli and I got it PERFECT...she was really impressed, and apparently she toled Larissa that she was all impressed by me...which is like the biggest compliment ever. And made my...life. lol. After work I went home, and got ready to go out. Met up Ellen at the rideau centre and we went to Mike's and chilled with him for a while, met some of his friends, played king's cup, very rez style. I could tell Ellen felt very out of place. So then around 11pm, me and Ellen left to go to the Urban Well where Leigha was hosting her event for the Guatamala Stove Projectand just as we got to the door I could tell that Ellen had drank alot more than I thought. I asked her if she felt ok enough to go inside and of course denying the fact that she was intensely intoxicated, she said yes. So we go inside, and we immideately see Leigha at the front, greeting people as they came through the door and Ellen kept babbling on to my sister telling her how beautiful she is and how she couldn't beleive they had never met before. So i took Ellen to this couch at the other side of the pub and we just hung out there for a while, then i went to the bathroom and when i came back i saw her like feeling up this guy's muscles, so I took her back to the couch and then after a bit, we left. Ellen insisted that she go see connor, and even though I knew it was a bad idea, when Ellen's that drunk you can't really convince her to do anything beyond her will, so I let her go, caught the 3 at carling and preston and went home.
Friday..I didn't really do much at all. Skipped class just cause I was...tired. Dad also got back from Columbia so I made a nice ceasar salad and sole douglere for dinner. After that, I realized it was sucha nice day outside so I called up Ricky and went downtown, and we walked and talked for several hours.
Went to work at three the next day, and as usual, the three hours flew by. Got my package of pastries as well and a loaf of fresh bread. After that, I got ready and went out to Mike's. We chilled at his place for a bit and then went to the Royal Oak to get a pitcher which was fun. Then we chilled at his place again for a pit, ate some cake, then decided to go to his friends place, which was...weird, cause i felt like i was tripping out, and everyone just seemed to be in this weird zone. Not really sure what they thought of me...nor do i care lol. Kind of...Went back to his place and just passed out.
Sunday and Monday were both a daze, I think I got that twenty-four hour flu thats been going around. Was extremely tired on sunday but managed to make a coupld epizzas for the fam. Went to bed early, then slept in till two the next day. Was still incredibly tired. Mmom drove me to the bank, and I went to the clinic at the school, got a prescription for ear drops and I was going to go to nutrition but I honestly felt like I was going to pass out. So i went home instead, slept for a bit, three up everywhere, Slept and woke up about 17 times throughout the night. Ugh...Its been exhausting, but now I feel alot better, minus all the fluid in my ear. But I had a shower and I should be able to be good to go to work tomorow. Otherwise, i'm fucked. Ciao.
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