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I'm coming back

Alright..well its been quite a while, about a year and a half...wow so much has happened since then. Nothing I can remember at the top of my head but I know alot has happened.
Right now...I'm sitting on my bed in my parents basement (greenbriar ave). They bought a new house in the summer and i tried to move out with a good friend at the time and a few other girls but it didn't work out. So here I am, Dad is in vietnam but gets back tommorow so mom got mike to do some reno's around the house so i can hear him clampering upstairs. Kari and Leigha should both be home soon...and tonight me and mom are supposed to go out for dinner commemerating the death of coucou which occured on November 17th. It was a dark and stormy day! lol jk...
Aside from that...I'm going to algonquin for culinary arts...I'm learning a shitload but not doing too well in my classes and the people suck major testicules importante. I have this baking test on the tenth and I'm sooo nervous. I'm hoping lacey and daniela can help me out. After the 13th i'll be done my last exam and everything will be overrr...gotta plan for the upcoming christmas...and new years. lol its so weird to see that picture of me from 3 years ago. i dunno, things are pretty good now it just doesn't seem like it in my head. Somethings missing...as per usual.
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