hoochiepimp (hoochiepimp) wrote,

My Weekend

Alright...so onsaturday I woke up around 1:30 or something and then the only person left at my place was Torrin. So me and him left and went downtown, then we just like walked around and shit, got hotdogs and yeah parted. The I went to grammas McWhinnies for a bit, ate some food and left a couple hours later. I was supposed to do some work but yeah, it didn't really work out. So then I met up with Avery at billings bridge and we just like walked around his neighbourood and stuff, i took a couple of pills with him. Then we parted and I bussed home to find both nuka and katie waiting for me. We chilled for a while, marc came over as well as ryan potter, most random group ever and it was SOOO fun. Me, katie, nuka and ryan all took more pills and marc drank a bit. Made out with katie and nuka and we were all trying to hit on ryan all night ahaha. Watched a couple movies and yeah...then me and nuka went for a walk, we totally made out in one of my neighbours trees, on melas car and made crop circles in their lawn. But yeah, we stayed up all night and then katie and marc woke up at around 9. It was SUCH a fun night. Then I walked Nuka and Marc to carlingwood and went to work. Worked from 11-6 and it was SOO fucking busy...like the line never ended. Then after work I met up with candice and she came over but when i got home, like an hour later i just crashed at like 8pm and slept untill 8am the next day, was up for about half an hour then went to sleep untill like 11. then i went to gramma and grampa peacocks and tom and his kids were there as well as connor and hughie. we had pizza and hughie made the BEST rhubarb and almond cake EVER omfggg!!!!! anyway then hughie gave me a ride home and i chilled at home for a bit then went to candices to work on my summative...worked on it for several hours then went home and worked on it for several more hours...got it done at about 4am then went to sleep. Woke up this morning at 11am then went to school to print out my summative and hand in my tesxt book. I got a 96 on the exam which is amazing and yeah...good life so far. I'm leaving in 3 days and am sooo pumped but still have alot of shit to do.
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