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So I've decided to update more often

Alright...so on thursday..I woke up at candices and went to school. That day we started the whole meditation thing and yeah...it was just as awkward and weird as the first day. Chelsea didn't show up again because she was "sick" and yeah. I started talking to a few people but i dunno...I think I'm just bound to have everything awkward for me in any structured social situation...which is fine because it makes me appreaciate my free time with friends more. Anywho...after school I walked home because the bus wasn't going to come in forever. I had a shower and changed clothes then Candice came over at about two o'clock. We chilled for a bit and then went to carlingwood so I could go to my interview at stokes which went horribly as usual. After I got that over with we both went back to candice's place and around 6:00 I bussed out to hughies for Zoe's 13th birthday party. Everyone was there...gramma and grampa, bruce and sherrol, kevin and the gang, mike. She got sooo many presents too...wow. Anywho i stayed there untill about 10 o'clock. That night I just talked on the phone and then fell asleep at like three am again.

on friday...got up and went to school. That morning we had the co-op teacher come in and give a presentation as well as willy one of the guidance councelors there. After that we did some group work and then just worked on our booklets due next thursday. After school I immidiately walked to gramma and grampa Peacock's for a visit. I ate some food and stayed there for about two hours and then after that I went downtown to actualy meet up with Phil but ended up chilling with alex who called me on my way downtown. Me and alex chilled and she told me all about japan and I told her about the sorrows of my life. I ran into a SHIT load of people that day...including katie amanda and ellen who we chilled with for a bit. Katie got some djarums and she gave me one...ahhh i love those things. Anywho...me and alex walked around for a bit after and we walked out to green tea to meet up with phil and the gang...like all his friends were there including erin, melissa, nora, bora, this other erin girl and yeah...others...anyway...me and alex left green tea after phil bought me some spring rolls and we went back to the rideau centre...chilled for a bit and then alex caught her bus and I went to go meet phil melissa and nora in the GAP. After that Nora and Melissa left and me and Phil ended up bussing to the grocery store and then to my place where Ellen and Amanda and Katie were waiting eating tostitos. So we all just chilled that night at my palce...ellens friends Alex, Fiona and Julia came over too untill about 1pm when me and phil kicked them out because katie, ellen and amanda were all sleeping in my bedroom and consoling ellen for whatever reasons...*cough* jason *cough* me and phil stayed up and played pokemon snap and when mela came home we chileld with her untill like 6 in the morning. So i slept on the couch in the living room that night.

on saturday...I woke up and realized that i was the only one not sleeping in MY bedroom last night because phil merged to my bed as well. I also got woken up at like 10am by anne phoning me. Anyway...we all just chilled at my place untill Anne came over at like two o'clock adn we got caught up. After that me and her bussed out to her place and instead of getting there at 4 when we were supposed to get there by because anne had to babysit her brother we got there at about 5:15 and her mom was SOOO pissed off and I had to witness them having this huge fight. So we just like made some pizza for her brother and her friends and watched tv...I only stayed for a couple hours and then I bussed home. At the rideau centre I bumped into bobby and lindsay caton and chilled with them/bussed home with them. Then candice met up with me on the bus and we bussed to my place. We chilled at my place for a while and made some food and watched pulp fiction then we bussed out to her place later on and we attempted to wacth a movie but I was soooo tried from lack of sleep and just passed out on the futon.

sunday...I woke up at about 11-12pm and me and candice just chilled in her basement for a while. At about 1-2 we decided to bus downtown for no apparent reason. We pretty much did the usual...walked around and shopped (window shopped, had a few smoked on the roof. I checked out guys and yeah we walked around the market and got some shawarma's at this really nice place. Anyway...we got back to the rideau centre and bussed home. ever since then I haven't really done much except relaxed...I had to experience one of many boring phone calls with phil and made some food...listened to music and also witnessed batman attempting to fuck dora which didn't really work since he's NEUTERED...it was pretty disturbing though...I kind of saw in coming considering dora was in heat all night. Anywho...thats the excitement of tonight.

peace out mothafucka!
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SOrry to hear that ur interview didn't go well *hugs*, maybe you did better than you think